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The documentary film HAKANI was made in cooperation with ten different tribes. This unprecedented demonstration of unity shows the determination of many indigenous peoples who want their voice to be heard.

Most of the children who act in the film are rescued victims of infanticide. Some of whom were literally dug up by relatives or neighbors. What other situation has children been able to literally act out the injustices done to them?

The indigenous adults playing in the film are also either survivors of infanticide or people who have saved a child who was destined to death.

No children were hurt in the making of this film. The burial scenes although very real looking were done with cinematic tricks right out of Hollywood. In fact Hollywood director David L. Cunningham used chocolate cake not even real dirt. A game was made out of the scene where all the children were invited to eat the “dirt” and then through trick photography and editing the burials scenes were crafted.

The young child playing Hakani drank from a puddle of chocolate milk and ate gummy worms.

The second part of the documentary includes testimonies of Indians sharing their terrible experiences with infanticide and they are urging their people to stop this practice.

We are thrilled to note that the real Hakani’s therapist has said that the making of the film has been very healthy for Hakani. Hakani has memorized every line in the film and for the first time since her rescue is talking and singing in her native language of Suruwaha once again!

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