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Whereas the right to the protection of life is a fundamental right and does not depend on the child’s ethnicity

Whereas Brazil is a signatory to the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child which guarantees a child the right to life

Whereas the Constitution of Brazil and the Statute of the Child and Adolescent (ECA) guarantees life to all its citizens

Whereas many indigenous peoples from across Brazil are moving away from the practice of infanticide

Therefore we as signatories urge the Brazilian government to:

1. Enact the Muwaji Law (Law Project 1057/2007) and implement its recommendations in coordination and consultation with indigenous advocacy groups and organizations
• Clarify the role of FUNASA and FUNAI in addressing the issue of infanticide and provide these agencies field workers clear guidelines which require the reporting a case of possible infanticide and providing support for that child, and its sympathetic relative or caretaker if one exists up to, if necessary, removal from that situation until safe to return
• Provide culturally appropriate, safe, and sufficient housing and/or medical care if needed for those children so removed and their sympathetic caretaker
• Provide a system of culturally sensitive care for children so removed without a sympathetic caretaker such as the proposed “indigenous foster system” to consist of a network of culturally sensitive, pre-approved and certified caretakers in caring and safe homes in the vicinity of the child’s former home
• Support the re-entry of removed children and their sympathetic caretakers once deemed safe and welcome within the tribe

2. Provide monetary and physical support to indigenous peoples to enable dialogue and inter-ethnic talks on this subject.

3. Implement a human rights educational program within the indigenous societies and the deepening of inter-ethnic dialogues with the aim of guaranteeing the quality of life and dignity of children who are vulnerable in their own communities.

4. Require the Child Protection Councils (CONANDA e Conselhos Tutelares) to hold seminars and create indigenous agents in defense of children’s rights, so that they, provided that the law and protection mechanisms are known and understood, might establish these talks with indigenous communities.



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