It was also unanimously approved at the Congresshouse in August a new Law of Adoption which represents a great achievement for the rights of the children. The congressmen who are moved by the indigenous children’s cause pledged for them so that they could also receive the benefitis of the new law of adoption.

§ 7º In case of threat to the life on an indigenous child because of cultural practices, the federal agency responsible for the indigenous politics, together with a anthropologists team will look into placing the child into another family, with priority to another indigenous community, seeking, whenever possible, to obtain the parents and the ethnic group’s approval.

As you can read above, one of the most significant things in this text is that, by acknowleding the practice of infanticide in the tribes for cultural reasons as a social problem, it becomes a legal tool to demand from the federal agencies actions to protect the children at risk of infanticide. Even after approved by the Congress, the law still needs the approval of the Senate and the President’s final approval.

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