Brazilian congress takes an important step in defense of indigenous children

Congressman Pompeo de Mattos, the President of Human Rights Committee, presented a PEC - a Constitution Amendment Proposal , which aims at eradicating ethno-cultural infanticide among the Brazilian Indians. He is proposing a change in the very text of Brazilian Constitution.

He explains, in the text of his PEC, that the 231 article of Constitution, which refers to the right to diversity of the Indigenous Peoples, gives room for a relativist interpretation, passing thus the impression that the country allows infanticide in the tribes. He believes that, due to the specificities and the complexity of the Indigenous policies in Brazil, it should be stated in the Constitution text that the right to diversity is lower ranked than the right to life.

A Constitution Amendment cannot be proposed by only one individual deputy, it is a corporative proposal which needs to be made by at least 1/3 of the Congress. Pompeo de Mattos was able to have over 200 Federal Deputies signing this proposal. The PEC places the issue of infanticide in a completly different level - it is now a national priority. The text of the Government oficial site is copied bellow.

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