Hakani Project - What is Real and What is Not

Infanticide prevention efforts by the Hakani Project remains under attack by tribal advocates at Survival International. Unprecedented numbers of indigenous groups gather to discuss alternatives, but Survival International...

Tribal Chiefs of Xingu reservation in the Amazon respond to Hakani Documentary

Imagine the famous tribal chief, Aritana, leader of the tribal chiefs from the 14 Xinguan ethnicities, making an emotional promise. Imagine the health workers, the indigenous teachers, and even a Kamaiuran woman chief was making the same promise...

Brazilian congress takes an important step in defense of indigenous children

Congressman Pompeo de Mattos, the President of Human Rights Committee, presented a PEC - a Constitution Amendment Proposal , which aims at eradicating ethno-cultural infanticide among the Brazilian Indians...

Hakani screening at the Brazilian Congress

The Commission of Human Rights and Minorities has the honour of inviting you participate in a debate on the theme of the documentary “HAKANI”, which shows the reality of the Brazilian indigenous children...


An indigenous mother’s lonely cry for her daughter’s life has been greatly multiplied...


It was also unanimously approved at the Congresshouse in August a new Law of Adoption ...


Indigenous representatives from the Ticuna, Kaiwa, Tucano, Kamayurá, Terena and Bakairi...

07- 16 - 2008 Brasilia - Human Rights Commission approves public audience to debate the theme of the documentary 'Hakani'

At 2.00pm on 16th July 2008 at a meeting in the Congress House, the Human and Minorities Rights Commission unanimously approved

Public Manifestation

People gathered in front of the brazilian Deputy Janete Pieta’s office making campaign for the approval of the...

Funai Tries to Prevent Film in Brazil

The film is a part of combating campaign to the practice of infanticide in Amazon tribes...

Funai`s ex-president make accusations against the film

If you would like respond to Mercio Gomes directly please go to his blog site...

Girl survived tribe's custom of live baby burial

Posted May 29, 2008 | 07:22 PM (EST)

New Film, Hakani, Tackles Infanticide; Premieres In Hawaii

Mail & Guardian online, Tuesday, 19 July 2005
Kouande, Benin

Fears of witchcraft fuel infanticide in Benin

By Jemimah Wright in Brasilia
Last Updated: 2:39am BST 22/06/2007

Girl survived tribe's custom of live baby burial

Folha de São Paulo, Sunday, April 06, 2008
Ana Paula Boni, from the editorial staff

The São Paulo Folha Newspaper tackles Infanticide.
Respect to indigenous tradition in checkmate by infanticide issue

Istoé Magazine, 20th February 2008

The Indian Child who was Buried Alive

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